There is currently no occupational contract in force.

There are eight key steps in the bargaining process, these are noted below.  

  1. No occupational contract in force
  2. Public submissions are open
  3. Submissions closed. Employment Relations Authority assessing application to initiate bargaining.
  4. Occupational bargaining underway
  5. Employment Relations Authority conducting assessment of draft occupational contract.
  6. Ratification of occupational contract
  7. Occupational contract published
  8. Occupational contract in force

Organisations named in application as potential bargaining parties

When submissions for occupational bargaining are open, information about potential bargaining parties will be listed here.


When submissions for occupational bargaining are open, the form(s) needed to apply will be available on this page. All completed forms can be submitted to

Performers bargaining application decisions, notices and publications

All documents related to the performers occupational bargaining application are below. This list is updated as new documents become available.

Occupational contract for performers

For more information about the bargaining process, and a copy of the occupational contract once bargaining is finished, see the Employment New Zealand website.

Screen industry workers – Employment New Zealand(external link)