Who you can name as a witness

You can ask anyone to be a witness before the Authority. You will usually be asked to confirm who you want to be a witness at the case management conference.

Your witness should be aware that they may be named in the written determination which will be publicly available on our Employment database (unless it is subject to a non-publication order).

What witnesses do

The witnesses will:

  • usually provide their evidence in writing in a witness statement
  • attend the investigation meeting to answer any questions about it.

Witnesses must attend the investigation meeting in person unless they have permission to be excused.

If one of your witnesses cannot attend the investigation meeting

Talk to the Authority Officer as soon as possible about applying to the Authority Member to have them excused.

The Authority Member may decide:

  • they can be excused from the meeting, but must provide a sworn witness statement or affidavit
  • they can present their evidence by phone or video call.

Information for witnesses