Before the conference

Before the case management conference, an Authority officer will let you know:

  • when your case management conference will take place
  • the purpose of the conference
  • how long it's likely to take
  • the answers to any questions you have about how the conference will work.

In some cases, we may decide that a matter doesn't need a case management conference. You may still be asked to provide more evidence or clarify points in your statement before the investigation meeting.

Who attends the conference

If you:

  • have a representative acting for you, they will attend the conference – you can choose to be on the call as well, but you won't generally be allowed to speak
  • are representing yourself, then you will attend the conference and speak directly to the Authority member and the other party or their representative.

We can provide a translator if required or assistance for people with disabilities – ask the Authority officer.

Representatives, help and advice

What happens at the conference

You do not present your evidence at the case management conference – that happens at the investigation meeting.

The investigation meeting

At the case management conference, the Authority member might ask for clarification or more information about the claims.

They might also discuss:

  • whether other methods of resolving the problem would be helpful, such as mediation (or more mediation), making a recommendation, or dismissing the matter
  • the issues involved in the employment relationship problem
  • what will happen at the investigation meeting, for example who must give information and supply documents
  • a timetable for the steps to be taken before the investigation meeting
  • any further documents required for the investigation meeting
  • the date, place and time for the investigation meeting.

You will also be able to ask questions about concerns or issues you have about the case, including any special requirements or safety concerns you may have.

After the conference

The Authority Officer will send you a written record of what was agreed at the conference. This document is called Directions of the Authority.

This could include:

  • action steps you are required to take
  • information you must provide
  • any deadlines you must meet.

Next step: the investigation meeting